The Cosmic Guide to Planetary Magick


More than any other choice, owning the word witch for myself has brought on a commitment to dismantle all of the values, habits, and thought processes I’ve internalized courtesy of the cis-hetero white supremacist patriarchy. Deepening my relationship to planetary energy has been an incredibly powerful tool in that process. Tending my relationship with the planets, luminaries, and other astral bodies has offered me a way to be in devotion and ritual that feels direct and clear.

As Katie my collaborator says, everyone has access to the stars. A spell is an intimate conversation between my creator, the universe, and me (sometimes all the same entity, sometimes separate). Working with the planets has offered me structure and freedom in equal measure.  And let me tell you, the planets have so much to say.

The Cosmic Guide to Planetary Magick is a helpful tool that supports you in wending your way through planetary energy. For each of the luminaries (Sun + Moon) and visible planets (Mercury through Saturn), it offers essential information to support your witchy ritual practice.


Are you ready to up-level your magickal practice through the planets!?!