what is the art + sex tarot reading?

Great question. My foundational practices are about getting in touch with the language of the body, sensation. And it's through these channels that we discover what is within us to be expressed, witnessed, and honored. 

For me, talking about art and sex, getting curious about art and sex, leads everywhere (hopefully not all at once). Art and sex are great three letter words; they hold flow, blocks, practice, stagnation, movement, stillness, voice, silencing, awareness, listening. It's not just painting like Rembrandt or Frida Kahlo. Maybe it's a little like Frida Kahlo.

It's getting in touch with everything within you that wants to be awake and alive, and paying attention to that.

For me, that's art and sex. For you maybe it looks a little bit different. And if you're drawn to me, the art + sex witch, those two topics are probably pretty high on your list of how to make the whole human being thing work.


A little more particular about the Tarot. 

I love the tarot. In particular, I love the Wild Unknown Tarot deck. I view the cards as a way to show us through-lines in our lives; as a tool to be generously honest with ourselves about who we are and what we want. I am an intuitive. I don't tell the future. I don't live in the future. I use these cards to explore what is tender, what is burgeoning, what is calling to you in your life. Think of the reading as a collaboration between you and me, a space for us to see each clearly and revel in the truth and vulnerability that brings.