the art + sex witch ritual

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When you are absolutely clear on what you want, the universe conspires to give it to you.

The Art + Sex Witch Ritual focuses on finding pleasure in being fully present to your human being experience. 


A ritual is a set of practices involving invocation, movement, and sacred tools done in private and done in a particular order. It is often grounded in community or cultural tradition bringing symbol, performance, and routine together.

The Art + Sex Witch Ritual follows its own time and its own path while also adhering to certain essential practices. We open with a grounding, the setting of sacred space, and an invocation to everything that wishes us well. We close in a similar fashion to bring ourselves back to consensus reality. What happens in-between the opening and the closing isn't a formula, it's a weaving the two of us create together.

As with all rituals and ceremonies - the more we put words to it, the more we make finite a thing that is infinite. And, I imagine, you'd like to know what happens if you come to my studio to shake a few thinks loose and wake a few things up. 


What can emerge when we are together -

Meditation + creative visualization.


Healing modalities.

Clearing of your energetic space.

The body map practice.

Other creative practices.



There are helpful things to remember - 

When you are soft with yourself, voices often overlooked emerge.

The more curious you are about what arises, the more ease there can be in navigating those things. 

This is a vulnerable practice. This is a practice of paying attention to what your body has to tell you and exploring that through imaginal + creative means not intellectual ones.

What we do here is not about what things look like; it's about finding the language within us that isn't words, like drawing or sensation.


This ritual is for you if you want to

  • Get creative + find your voice

  • Embrace and celebrate your sensuality and your sexuality

  • Get clear on what it is you really want

  • Clear what blocks you from doing what you love

  • Release story + change your relationship to the stories you tell yourself


Remembering who i am is my work + my medicine. it is what i offer to you - to connect more fully, deeply, and absolutely to yourself. It is embracing your frailties and your gifts that allows you a deeper, more intimate connection with yourself.