the body map oracle deck

in june of 2017, I drew an outline of a female body - able, thin, curvy - with the idea that it might be a helpful tool for me. today I have over 100 body maps that explore the abundant and powerful information our bodies have to offer us through breath, sensation, and imagination. these body maps offers a translation of spiritual experience and information into color, symbol, and image. it draws on wisdom from the tarot, from ritual and ceremony, and from my present moment experience. here is a sneak peek at a few of my favorite card. the full deck is coming soon. 


the message of firebird heart

here is an invocation of your sensual wildness. firebird heart asks you to stop looking outside of yourself for instruction. you are the role model for embodying soul. You are summoned by the world outside you to a deeper creativity, to a renewed commitment to action. now is your time to share those rituals and practices that deepen your understanding of yourself and widen your circle of identity. now is your time to consciously embody the sacred in the world. 


the message of living truth

there is a swell witchy teaching – as above, so below; as within, so without. what happens on one level of reality happens on every level of reality. living truth invites you to get clear about what you want because the universe is conspiring to give it to you. right now is your time of breakthroughs and ah-ha moments. use this wisdom freely available to you to further integrate your non-dual self found in every atom of being with your embodied self of thoughts, opinions, and preferences. and that is how you get exactly what you want, exactly the way you like it.


the message of crow receiving

not only do you have the inside scoop on the great mystery of the universe (lucky you), but you also are an instrument for that mystery. you contain visionary depths that allow you to effortlessly touch people at the deepest level of themselves. crow is the great keeper of divine law and your connection means that there is no one better to inhabit the unknowable than you. crow receiving is an omen of change. You are shedding the habits and thought patterns that keep you small and contained. It is time to be vast and limitless. It is time to be a walking example.


the message of soft wisdom hanging

there is something powerful within you almost ready to be birthed.

what stands between you and that blessing is the unexpressed grief at the back of your heart, tucked away so as not to be forgotten. soft wisdom hanging invites you to do the work of heartbreak. it is time to surrender. soften, open, and allow your heart to overflow with grief, with longing, with love. praise what is within you, allow the song of yourself to see the exquisite beauty of it all.