Allyson is embodying poetry, like, all day. And that fits into the narrative of her being the art + sex witch. Her artwork is a prayer, her prayer is art! Her tarot readings are no exception—the readings take place in a tiny fairy village in Berkeley. Not actually a village of faeries, but that’s the kind of intrigue I had when walking past each maker’s door. Inside Allyson’s studio was tea and chocolate waiting for me. Everything vaguely pink purple and red? To me this makes sense. Misty spells and smudges. Crystals! And art, above & below.

My first introduction to Allyson’s reading, a quick 15-minute session, pinpointed exactly where I was in life and where I was going. Enough to make a non-believer reconsider! I immediately referred some folks to Allyson which got me yet another reading. It went from pinpointing where I was going to how I was going to do it! This reading was all about the tools that I have and how to use them. I’ve always sought spiritual help hoping that just ONE person would give me a cheat sheet. Yes, yes, thank you I’m “powerful.” But how? And by powerful, you mean like right now? Yes now, Allyson helped show me that I am on the path, have everything I need, and helped bring my purpose into focus.
— Maya Campos

Allyson has the ability to listen to everyone’s story fully and completely. As I explored my inner dimensions, she integrates the bits and pieces of my ideas with careful assessment, reflecting them back as clear as a mirror. As she moves things forward, Allyson brings all my pieces to a full circle. By the end she makes you feel as if you’ve come up with those ideas yourself—and that is where her gift lies. Allyson’s gift of guidance is something more than her years of experience in studio practice both as an artist and as a an art educator. It is her generosity of spirit that sees no limit to giving and sharing, to genuinely wanting everyone to shine.
— Iranshid

Allyson is deeply Intuitive and has an amazing ability to tap into a person’s field for an incredible and reliable reading. I felt safe, held, and honored by her. She really listened to me and was able to bring me real clarity on several issues I was working on. The information she gave me was exactly what I needed. You know that feeling when someone gives you answers from a reading and there is no way they could know that personal information?? That’s Allyson, spot on. I highly recommend her. I get a reading from her every chance I get.
— Jaya EagleHeart

What’s not to love about Allyson the art + sex witch?! Her studio is cozy & sacred, her art is beautiful & profound, plus she gives amazing readings. I felt very honored by her coming into her space. I really liked the pace of our session and the ways she encouraged my participation. Her reverence for the wisdom of the cards combined with her insight provided me some very subtle information that has had a big impact. She even wrote me a spell...I’ve never been given a custom spell before. I also really love her body maps. Thank you 🙏🏽💜⭐️
— Abby

Allyson is an amazing intuitive beacon of grounded uplifting bright eyed soul beauty, that’s contagious. Her advice is spot on and her supportive loving guidance warmly embracing, even in times of difficult truths. She’s a woman you can trust.
— Katherine

To choose to work with Allyson is to embark on an action-packed journey into your soul work. With Allyson as your guide and mentor, anything is possible. Working with Allyson was a blessing in my life. I actualized creative goals I never thought possible (goals I hadn’t even given myself permission to have, let alone talk about with anyone else). I felt free to dream - and dream big - with her. She is a skilled, knowledgeable, inspiring, playful, and compassionate guide. She has an amazing toolbox of visualizations, meditations, creative exercises, spiritual offerings, and more— tools that she knows when to use and how to use in order to best help you on your path. I highly recommend working with Allyson if you are looking for someone who will support you, challenge you, and inspire you on your journey.
— mia

Allyson is an encouraging partner in all things creative, responding through her presence not through her praise. You won’t hear Allyson preach about collaboration - she simply lives it. Whatever avenue of exploration calls to you, Allyson will listen for your passion and amplify your curiosity. Don’t let her humility and emphasis on your inherent power fool you! Allyson draws on her many years as both a teacher and an accomplished artist. Although she may be quiet about the extent of her community and accolades, they are as mighty as she is! Thank you Allyson!
— SS