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Hi. I’m Allyson. I am The Art + Sex Witch. My preferred pronouns are she and her. I identify as gender expansive.

I see creative practice and cultivating sensuality in the body as ways to experience my full attention, where my whole being is in the present moment of creation and connection.

It is my inner work to dismantle all the systems of oppression that I have internalized. It is that on-going process in pursuit of freedom that I offer you through ceremony, ritual, and divination.

The Body Map Practice is one pleasurable and powerful way I do my work. Perhaps you want to give it a try and see what getting into the colors and symbols and out of the stories offers you.





the art + sex witch ritual

2-hours, in-person

In this ritual, I invite you into a sacred space that we create together to court the holy, to be in direct communication with the divine. Every ritual is its own unique medicine. Our time together always includes grounding, calling the quarters, clearing, and spell craft. Often other modalities emerge as well—

  • use of the body map practice to discover what is awake and alive within you

  • movement and meditation to get quiet and listen with the language of the body, sensation

  • time on the healing mat to engage in deep, shamanic practices


the art + sex tarot reading

60 minutes, in-person or online

tarot readings with the art + sex witch are an opportunity to uncover what is hidden within you and around you. the tarot is used as a tool to uncover what is present now in this moment. it is a practice of divination and of excavation. while each reading is unique, certain through-lines often emerge--

  • exploration of the messages you’ve internalized that feed oppression over freedom

  • areas of growth and prosperity calling your attention

  • individual practices to quiet the mind and tap into your wisdom and connection to the holy

witch, 2017

witch, 2017

the art + sex witch, unpacked

I've worked with people for almost 20 years on creativity, helping them dive deep into their own inner landscape to bring out what is within them -- paintings, tears, words, experiments, stories, laughter, the whole deal. 

I've spent the past ten years working with people on healthy sexuality and mindfulness -- getting quiet, focusing in, and listening to the wisdom within their own bodies. 

And what I've learned is that these two practices - art and sex - feed each other.

Do you know that passionate moment with another person where everything is alive? Where how you respond within your own body and in relation to the other person is unexpected and erotic and electrifying?

That same flow shows up in creative practice, usually without an orgasm. And in my work the one practice leads in to the other.

I see creative practice and cultivating sensuality in the body as ways to enter flow where your whole being is in the present moment of creation and connection. 

In part, I'm the art + sex witch because the freedom + non-duality witch is a mouthful. 

And freedom + non-duality is what i'm after, at least in glimpses. Art and sex are a fun way to get there. My practices are about grounding in the human being experience as a way to go infinitely inward and infinitely outward.

the body map practice

The body map practice cultivates both sovereignty and vulnerability through the body. For me, paying attention to line, shape, color, and symbol is a meditation. It is a place where thoughts and opinions step back so that precision and intuition might step forward.

I am often looking to get out of my own way. Things that quiet my mind work best for me. The part I like most—the sense of play and inquiry that emerges. Often, I have no idea what I’m feeling, it is a muddle of discomfort. Drawing it out helps me feel it and understand it better.

You can learn more and discover if this practice is for you in two different ways—reach out for a discovery call with me (absolutely free) or sign up for my mailing list and get access to the body map guide as my gift to you.

Do you have your own ways of getting out of your head and into your body? tell me about it, I’d love to hear it.

Be Your Own Sun.

Be Your Own Sun.

The first body map. May of 2017.

The first body map. May of 2017.

The Body Map Oracle deck is a work-in-process. There are hundreds of maps. 52 will become part of the deck.

The Body Map Oracle deck is a work-in-process. There are hundreds of maps. 52 will become part of the deck.



Firebird Heart.

Firebird Heart.

Finishing touches of Get Angry.

Finishing touches of Get Angry.

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